Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life span of a LYBRA plant?2022-11-14T12:46:12+01:00

LYBRA can be kept operational as long as the scheduled maintenance is carried out.

What is the decay rate of LYBRA’s performance?2022-11-14T12:45:25+01:00

Thanks to routine maintenance interventions, LYBRA maintains its full operation throughout its life cycle, without any deterioration in its performance.

How often is maintenance carried out?2022-11-14T12:44:57+01:00

Ordinary interventions are carried out once a year and require about 4 hours per system.

Can the system be coupled with accumulators?2022-11-14T12:42:33+01:00

In agreement with the Customer, it is possible to provide an accessory capable of providing an accumulation of the energy produced by LYBRA, so that it can be consumed at a different time than when it is produced.

Can several LYBRA systems be applied in series to obtain more energy?2022-11-14T12:41:49+01:00

It is possible. However, it is advisable to provide a distance of at least 15-20 meters between one LYBRA system and the next.

Where can a LYBRA system be installed?2022-11-14T12:40:06+01:00

LYBRA can be installed where there is a natural slowdown such as, for example, in the space in front of a roundabout, a pedestrian crossing, a road junction or approaching a motorway barrier.