20Energy was born from the desire to complete the development of a unique technology in the market of alternative energy sources and transform it into a stable product to market it on the national and international market.

The problems of traffic, road safety and consequent pollution are the most current in large, medium and small cities, or on the major motorway arteries or in all the roads that make up the road landscape of our country and not only in our country. . With a single solution, LYBRA, we will cover the needs arising from these three problems. Our message to the market will be: “TRAFFIC: from PROBLEM to OPPORTUNITY and RESOURCEā€

LYBRA, is able to provide a means of road safety, generate electricity from the kinetic energy dissipated and wasted by the brakes of cars during the mandatory slowdown phase (before a roundabout, before a pedestrian crossing, before an intersection, inside a lane of a motorway exit, etc. etc.) and we will significantly mitigate the introduction of Co2 into the air thanks to the lesser use of the brakes that the vehicles will have passing on LYBRA which, by friction between the coverage of the system and the tire of the motor vehicle will automatically slow down without the normal use of the brake system.

For the realization of its BP, 20Energy will develop new industrial patents useful and necessary for the production of a highly innovative system and, at the moment, without competitors. Our Research & Development BU will be entirely focused on the steps necessary for the last part of the development of the LYBRA system and will work on the creation of new patents that will complement and / or complete what already exists and which will be the starting point of the new company incorporated.20Energy will have a transversal positioning on the market and will cover different customer needs and sensibilities.


We wanted to improve your future and so we invented LYBRA: the smart speed absorber that turns traffic into energy.
You just have to keep doing what you always do while we make roads safer and give you cheap energy.

Transportation has been so far responsible for the 60% of consumed oil and 30% of CO2 emissions but together now we can turn a world problem into a resource.